They say a team that eats together stays together. I don’t know who says that but I’m sure someone did and if not I’ll take credit. 

Yesterday, for a range of reasons we decided the team was having lunch delivered and we would all sit down and eat it together. It was 11am before anyone decided how we were getting that lunch. All we knew was that we wanted burgers. After hearing about it all morning, I took the lead and decided on Brooklyn Depot through Uber Eats and we were not disappointed. Once I made the decision, I needed to get everyone to decide on their order and then actually order it. The sassy names for the burgers helped. Flip the bird is quite an amusing burger name. All American style foods and once we ordered it was going to take about 40 minutes. I think we stopped working when we got the notification that the food was in the building. The longest five minutes followed and once I had made a table appear in the middle of the lunch room, we were good to go. 

I was made fun of for being the typical Millennial wanting to take a picture first, but I just want to point out, Uber Eats liked my pic on Instagram, so really who is the real winner here?

I guess my point is that for a team that started the year fractured and in a truly negative space, it’s nice to see we can come together and have a positive team building exercise. And if it involves food, we are pretty much guaranteed full team participation. Today, we are actually going out for lunch. I swear we do get some work done, sometimes.  

Until next time

Stace x


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