The giving season…

Charity begins at home, or so they say. Christmas is almost upon us and this time of year always brings out the charity in people.

Today was my last day of work for the year. We finished at midday but that was not how my day was planned. So I stayed back, finished my assignment and then marched myself to the Wintergarden. For those not local to Brisbane, it’s a section of the Queen Street Mall. The largest shopping precinct in the Brisbane CBD and probably greater Brisbane. 

I had, a few weeks ago, been conned into giving up two hours of my holidays to support the Salvation Army in their Christmas appeal by wrapping other people’s gifts. I hate wrapping gifts, and usually the ones I give are in gift bags or boxes and yet somehow I thought it would be a good idea. So off I went. 

I had a few observations in the two hours I was there:

1. My gift wrapping skills are terrible. 

2. Some people really just don’t care about the presents they are giving or how they are wrapped. 

3. There are people out there who will skirt around giving a gold coin donation to have someone else wrap their presents. Even though it’s for charity.  

I did notice some nicer things though. 

1. Not all men are clueless when it comes to presents. 

2. Men tend to be more generous than women.

3. Most of the men that came up were 10x nicer than the women. 

I also still have people skills I thought I’d lost. So I did my two hours and we had maybe a five minute window in that two hours where no one was at the table. Otherwise we had a steady stream of people and sometimes if one of us was caught with someone with a thousand things they wanted individually wrapped the other took the slack, and the odd shaped presents. Everyone understood we were not profession wrappers, and thank god, because there are some dodgy wrapped presents under a heap of people’s trees this year. 

That wasn’t the only charitable exercise today. In the Christmas message from our CEO, he announced the final tally from our Christmas party charity drive. 

At our work Christmas party each person was given $50 of charitable donation money that the company would donate to the charity of your choice. There were the five above. The charity that I had put forward received $1,870 in donations. SoldierOn looks after those that served in the Australian Defence Force to reintegrate into society and support them wherever they need it. I tell you what I damn near cried when I saw this. I’m so happy to see my charity supported by so many. 

So this is my little charitable story about shining some light into other’s darkness. 

Merry Christmas everyone



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