Comfort Zone – obliterated!

So I tentatively asked: “So that offer to let me drive on the beach, does it have an expiry?”

Luckily for me, it didn’t.

We pulled up in front of out camp and I jumped in the drivers seat of a car I’ve never driven before, a class of vehicle I’d never driven before, on a surface I’d never driven on before. If I was aiming to show my fears who’s boss this was the way to do it. For context, I normally drive a little sporty hatchback (his name is Sebastian) and I’ve never driven a diesel anything let alone a 4WD. I’d already confirmed it should be easy too.

So we were off, after a small safety briefing, and what do you know, I was driving on the beach! Not going too fast or too far, but I did it all the same. We’ve been here a week and fuel is getting low so we didn’t go far but I went far enough to show myself I could do it.

Hard, wet sand is easy as to drive on. The softer stuff, not so much. But with the careful guidance Matt was providing and the lead foot I already had I cleared the driveway and then promptly stalled it. Then for some reason my brain flicked back to as if I was driving my car and thought little revs would get us out of there. Nope. So another bootful and we were away.

Fear set back in as I was trying to park it. I came up short, no short jokes thanks, and I was feathering the accelerator again. I wanted to give up but some helpful and a little heavy cajoling from Matt and I was close enough to the right spot and my 4WD adventure was over.

So there you have it. I’m capable of driving a 4WD. On sand. Without rolling it.

Today has been a cracking start to an exciting year. Wonder what else is in store for me?


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