Comfort Zones are boring…

So I went snorkeling today. No biggie right? Wrong. Absolute biggie. One of the biggest biggies in existence. Why you ask? I’ve always had a crippling fear of not being able to breathe. I also like to see where I’m standing when I’m at the beach.

I tried to snorkel on our second day here at Moreton Island and almost had a panic attack. I had almost resigned myself to never snorkeling, which I could probably live with. It’s pretty lonely though, when the other four people you’re with are all off snorkeling and discovering new things. So FOMO kicked in and I gave snorkeling another go.


I sat in the shallows and put my little flippers on, which was a mission in itself, and gave myself a little pep talk. Prepped my mask and promptly broke the clip that clips the snorkel on. Well this isn’t a good start but I had my determination pants on and McGyvered that mask to work. Stuck my head under water and promptly stopped breathing. Good job Stacey. I forgot I could breathe through my mouth rather than my nose, which is foreign to me. Then I saw the first fish so I grabbed my pool noodles and off I went. I made it over to where everyone else was, passing schools of fish as big as my arm and teeny little ones. Got to where the group was and lo and behold I could stand up. Well this was going swimmingly (pun intended).

I was so engrossed in watching all the different fish swimming around I completely forgot my initial fears and the pool noodles became a hinderance. So off I went on my own to toss them off to the side of the lagoon.

I learnt to duck dive after a few spluttering starts and I got to see all these different fish swimming up to me and nibbling on the jatz crackers we had brought out to feed them with. They were cheeky little fish and would swim right up to you if you stood still but were weary enough to swim off if you reached out.

So day one of 2017 wasn’t so bad. If it wasn’t for Matt encouraging me, I’d still be sitting on the sidelines missing out. When it’s time to go back to camp I think I’ll ask him if I can drive the 4WD on the beach. Why stop at one fear holding me back?


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