I’m an asshole…

So that seems a little harsh, but I promise you it’s not. I am a bona fide asshole. Here’s why:

I’m on my way into work after two weeks holiday and I wasted the last few days I had to spend with Matt on doing Airtasker shit. Instead of hanging out and doing stuff together because we don’t get that much time during the week, I was off delivering flyers to about 1,200 homes in a local suburb. That was 25km of walking up and down hills across two days, so my legs hate me too. I also completed a couple of flyers, oh and the paid blog post I did whilst sitting on the beach. You can find that bad boy here. You’ll note some language changes from how I typically write, this was done to suit their style.

So this is the key reason that I am an asshole. I put my own selfish excitement in front of spending time with people I care about. How did I know I had screwed up? The sad look on Matt’s face when I told him I was off to deliver fliers and the attitude I got as I sat there putting together the two fliers I had designed myself.

So on Saturday, I walked just over 17km to deliver the rest of the fliers as I was determined to have my Sunday back so I could spend it with my favourite person. I text him to find out if he wanted to go out for dinner instead of just hanging at home like we normally do and I knew I was in trouble when I didn’t get a response. I got home and I believe it took a solid half an hour before more than a few words were exchanged. The first lengthy sentence was “So are you done with the stupid fliers now?” and I watched the attitude disappear as I returned with “yes, I smashed them all out this afternoon so that we could spend tomorrow together, just us.” So out to dinner we went. We had Vietnamese, lovely food, but as always we ordered way too much and I didn’t eat it all. It was late when we went out, so most places were either shutting up or converting to just drinks or coffee so home we went.

True to my word, we spent yesterday together, just the two of us. We may not have been in each other’s pockets, but we were together in the same place and just chilling out, doing not much at all. Then at about 4pm we decide we are cleaning the house and now was a perfect time to get everything together to go back to work today. We finished at midnight, so not the most fabulous of ideas, but we got there in the end. No airtasker interruptions, no uni stuff, no family bullshit, just us. It was bliss.

So here is my piece of advice: Don’t put too much stock in outside activities if it means you’re wasting precious time with the people that matter.


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