The Fidget Cube…just another gadget or useful tool?

So I mentioned ages ago when I first heard about them, the fidget cube, to Matt. Not thinking anything of it and assuming they would be expensive I went about my days. Well on Christmas Day, amongst the vouchers, I opened a brand new fidget cube, in my favourite colour scheme (black and red). 

So what is a Fidget Cube?

Fidget Cube is designed for anyone who needs to fidget or keep their hands moving. Each side of the cube has a different fidgeting function. Fidgeting has negative connotations within our society but it is not a bad thing. Even people who do not need to fidget will enjoy the Fidget Cube. The Fidget Cube has six sides each with a different option for movement.

Click: Are you a pen clicker? Then this side is for you! With five different buttons designed to give you the pleasure of clicking. Three of the buttons produce a satisfying click when pressed. Lucky for your coworkers or classmates there are also two buttons on this side that allow you to soothe your urge to click without the distracting noise.

Glide: If you enjoying the satisfying movement of a joystick this is the side for you! A small round pivoting disc moves similar to a joystick when you fiddle with it.

Flip: Designed much like a flattened light switch, the flip side component allows you to fidget by flipping the switch back and forth. Flipping slowly allows the switch to remain silent. The faster you flip the switch the more clicks you will hear. The flip design allows you to fidget with just your thumb or with both hands.

Breathe: The breathe side looks much like the worry stones you may have had as a child. With a small thumb sized indentation, you can gently rub or simply rest your finger to help you relax.

Roll: The roll side features three rotating gears and a small round ball. Each gear rotates as you run your finger over it. The small metal ball rolls within the fidget device and features a satisfying click noise as it rolls.

Spin: This side has a small circular dial, which allows you to spin, and, spin, and spin to your heart’s content!

I’ve always fidgeted. I’m that dick that keeps clicking their pen mindlessly, tapping their fingers on the desk or bouncing their feet. I’ve formed a nasty habit of playing with my pen lid in meetings only to have it go flying across the room. So I was really excited to try the cube and see if it helped. Well in today’s meeting, no pen kids went flying anywhere and I was shockingly calm for someone who always fidgets. I’m not exaggerating either, when I say always, I mean always

The Fidget Cube has a dual purpose for me though. In case you haven’t picked up on it, but I need to be busy. I’m not happy and settled unless I’m doing a million things at once. This is one of the side effects of having high functioning anxiety and when I read this article on the 11 habits of high functioning anxiety it became clearer that I use the fidget cube to keep my hands busy during what could be perceived as socially awkward situations. For example, meeting new people. 

Here’s where it gets real. I am as sociable as they come and anyone who knows me will tell you, I’ll happily be the life of the party. When it comes to meeting new people I’m generally ok with it. I’ll talk to people in pubs or social settings with ease. But in a situation where it’s a small group of people and I only know one of them I become a little clingy. Just ask Matt. 

When we went camping we went with his brother, his brothers friend and his girlfriend. I’ve met Matts brother a couple of times, but never met the friends of his brother. Queue socially awkward Stacey. I followed Matt around like a little puppy and hounded him to let me help him with something while he was setting up the camp(the whole busy hands thing). Once we were all set up though, we were just sitting there, in silence, just kind of staring at each other, which is almost the same as drowning to me. So I found my fidget cube in my bag and started playing with it. I instantly felt better and more comfortable. Matt looked at me like I had two heads and asked “Who brings a fidget cube camping? you weirdo”. With that, a conversation sparked as the only other female with us piped up and said, “ooh I’ve heard of those are they any good?” To which I answered by tossing it to her. It was kind of like a break the ice moment and allowed me to feel more comfortable in a group that I had no other connection to than Matt. They had their stories that I couldn’t relate to which lead to feeling isolated which for someone with anxiety, is amplified. From there I was able to build on that and actually interact on a more normal level with them which made the week fly by. 
So in my book, the Fidget Cube, is amazing. It may be a few bits of plastic out together into a cube, but to me and no doubt others like me, it is a social life saver and a bloody great tool for when the anxiety feels a little overwhelming. 

Chances are, if I’m buying you a birthday present this year, it’ll be a Fidget Cube!


Ps: out of all the presents, and I was a bit spoils this year, my favourite is the $5 cube of plastic. Sometimes it’s the thought behind the gift, not the price tag. 


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