Barre none…

So I’d heard about Barre classes before and I’m not really the type to sit and relax and be “mindful”, trust me, we’ve tried.  Barre is a mix of Pilates and ballet and I throught, given the new year, why not try some new things. So after a spot of furious googling, I found a place close to my work to try it out, signed up for their introductory offer and off I went on my new adventure.

I had some expectations, none of them came to fruition, which is probably a good thing. I thought I would hate it enough to leave during the class, that my knees would explode with rage and I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day and that I’d be surrounded by tiny people with not a skerrick of body fat. I was partially right on that last one. I have a few sports injuries as well as a few creaks from old age.

I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in both knees and have been in and out of physio for about four years now. Basically what that is, is micro fissures in the cartilage that holds my kneecap in place have weakened it and so the muscles in my thighs overcompensate and tighten, which actually pulls my kneecap out of place. It’s the product of running backwards when playing basketball and severe jerking movements or swift changes in direction when I was playing soccer. One night at indoor soccer, I went one way and my right knee went the other and that was the start of this injury. It’s in a good space at the moment though, but I have to watch it if I increase my activity levels and I’m absolutely not allowed to play soccer or if my personal trainer asks, do burpees 🙊

So I envisaged as part of the class, I would be standing on my tip toes and bang, crash, pop I’d be a pile on the floor because my knees gave out. In typical Stacey fashion, I went ahead and did the class anyway, knees be damned.

It was actually a fun class with little to no impact work, just a lot of movements, and if that bar wasn’t there, I would have fallen flat in my face. Leg pulses, standing on my tip toes and then into plié and stretching, that’s basically all I remember from the movements. Probably because at one point my sciatic nerve was ready to launch itself around my neck. I struggled with some of the movements, simply because of the pain. It’s fine, I have time to go back and improve.

One of the best parts of this class is its low impact factor, whilst it hurt and I’m sore today, like super sore, my legs aren’t. I’m sure it’s coming, but normally with any form of exercise the legs are the first to complain. Not with this class.

So would I recommend trying it? Absolutely! Am I a qualified and trained medical professional of any kind? Nope, so if you have any concerns or injuries please consult your medical professional first.



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