Customer Service… Is it that important?

Absolutely, unequivocally, YES! Treating your customers like the ground they walk on is sacred, is unnecessary and for the most part counter productive, but treating them like they are more than a bottom line is key in achieving the relationship between you and the consumers of your product. There are a multitude of publications describing... Continue Reading →


I am not a Jogger

Apologies for being absent, I haven't mentally been in a space to actually write anything. I'm back though, so let's talk about running.  That's an accurate representation of how I feel about running. Any distance. I don't like it, I've never liked and I feel like I will only ever grow to a point where... Continue Reading →


Trigger Warning: This story contains accounts of violence that some readers may find distressing or trigger painful memories. Please know you are not alone, reach out to family or friends or contact a local counselling service. If you or someone you know, are experiencing Violence of any kind, please contact your local Police immediately. ENOUGH... Continue Reading →

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