I am not a Jogger

Apologies for being absent, I haven’t mentally been in a space to actually write anything. I’m back though, so let’s talk about running. 

That’s an accurate representation of how I feel about running. Any distance. I don’t like it, I’ve never liked and I feel like I will only ever grow to a point where I will tolerate it. It’s just not me. Too much bounces, I have too many injuries and I get bored. So I am definitely not a runner. 

My partner hates it to but he used to enjoy it. So, somehow I got roped into going for a “fast walk” last night. Have to give him credit, he does know how to rope me into things. It’s not all his fault though, I did buy new runners on the weekend because they were more stable than my 7 other pairs of Nike’s so I could actually run in them if I wanted to. I thought a brisk walk would be a good way to break them in and see just how comfy they are. They are magic! I didn’t want to take them off. It’s so nice to finally find a pair of shoes that keep my ankles from rolling in and causing more injuries, that are visually appealing and reasonably priced. Good job Nike!

We set out last night, when it was a bit cooler and I think about 100m in I was like “can we go home now?”. In my defence the first thing we do is walk up a hill.  We get to this flat road and Matt says to me, ok you ready, we will start jogging from the front of that car. He starts jogging and I start dying. Safe to say, he took off and my little legs were like why are you doing this to us. He slowed down to let me catch up so I yelled at him to keep going and leave me alone lol. He obliged but I could see him looking back every so often either to make sure I hadn’t collapsed, or turned around and went home. 

Proud to say I did neither. Eventually I got into a rhythm and off I went. I’ve never been someone who can jog. I have two speeds: Hare or Tortoise, there is no in between for me. I cannot jog. It just doesn’t happen. I’ve tried but just can’t. So I did interval sprints instead. Yeah I know, that’s such an awesome choice compared to just jogging. Anyway, I got going and expected not to get very far, but I was pleasantly surprised by how far I did get. I’d like to think it was just me, but I think my shoes had a lot to do with my success. 

Previously, my legs would fatigue really easily and I would end up exacerbating my injuries and my physio and I firmly believe it was the shoes, and the surface I was running on. 6-8 months ago, which was the last time I really ran, I was wearing shoes with no arch support and running on a severely uneven car park. Last night I had better shoes, and I was running on what for the most part was flat road or footpath. I managed to slow down on the uneven stuff. 

My total distance according to my little Fitbit app was 2.98km. In under half an hour, so I’m pretty stoked, considering I saved the giant hill for last. Mind you as I walked up the hill my brilliantly smart dog barked at me for the length of our fence because how dare I, her human, walk on the sidewalk immediately adjacent to her domain. My dog is special. 

Now that we have worked out how each other likes to run and we have a good little system going, apparently we are making jogging a regular thing. I think I’ll stick to my interval sprints. 

Does anyone out there have any tips for improving running ability? Happy to hear it, whatever it is. 


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