Should have seen the other guy…

22 August 2015. A day I'll never forget. Here's the story as to why... Starting out like any other day I arrived at work ready for the hectic day ahead. My first underling had started that Monday and today was going away drinks for one of my favourite people in the office. I also had... Continue Reading →


24 hours Off the Grid…

So we had planned to go away this weekend, but the weather in Brisbane has been shit the last week or two. Constantly raining or threatening to. On Friday we decided that we would still head to the beach with friends and assess from there, if it was still too rubbish, at least we had... Continue Reading →

Give me dignity, give me death….

Euthanasia. Assisted Suicide. Death with Dignity. All terms used to describe the act of a terminally ill patient electing to end their suffering and pass away peacefully and without pain. Sounds pretty straightforward right? Wrong. Unfortunately, how people pass away is still a hot topic and even more so the way they choose to do... Continue Reading →

Saucy Snapchats and Revenge Porn…

So one of the other students on Campus Society, offered some very profound advice on dating yesterday. Always be careful in giving explicit photos to partners! Especially if they're petty or you haven't been together long (but not exclusively). Naturally, I had an opinion, I had these gems to share: I don't think it's a... Continue Reading →

No Jab, No Pay, No Play

So there is a thing in Australia. This notion that the Internet is the perfect place for medical research. In 1998, a very famous and now very incorrect paper was published linking vaccinations with Autism and claiming it was no longer necessary. It has since been debunked, and essentially serves as nothing more than fodder... Continue Reading →

Feminism is not a dirty word…

  Feminism as defined by Merriam Webster is: (noun): the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes; organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. I used to think feminist was a dirty word, mainly because it's use around me had always been accompanied with negative connotations, hurled around by those... Continue Reading →

Music to my ears..

So today has been crazy. I knew it would be, but holy wow did I underestimate the crazy train that would derail at my station today. I drove to work today and this is where my anxiety started and perhaps my first mistake. On the way to work, I noticed a ticking noise coming from... Continue Reading →


I will start with two things: 1. This is in response to an article featuring on Buzzfeed written about a young Queensland (QLD) man, Kurt Tucker.  2. Kurt Tucker's opinion doesn't mean shit.  So once again, I was click baited by Buzzfeed. Happens daily, I've learnt to roll with it. This time though Gina Rushton... Continue Reading →

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