No Jab, No Pay, No Play

So there is a thing in Australia. This notion that the Internet is the perfect place for medical research. In 1998, a very famous and now very incorrect paper was published linking vaccinations with Autism and claiming it was no longer necessary. It has since been debunked, and essentially serves as nothing more than fodder for a garbage can. 

Recently, our Government executed a plan to suspend welfare payments to families who’s children remain outside of the vaccination schedule until such time as they are caught up. One of the policies I hands down agree 1000% with. Why? I don’t have kids so how does it affect me? I am of child bearing age, my friends have children, babies on the way or are planning to have children, I work with people who have children or are currently pregnant. Would I like to support one of my friends as their baby slowly dies a horrifying death in hospital? Fuck. No. I never want to see another Riley Hughes, a baby who spent 30 odd days on this planet and died from whooping cough. A completely preventable disease. 

So this policy proposed stopping payments under the welfare scheme and boy did the anti-vaxxers get their knickers in a knot. Well our Prime Minister has announced he will take to the next Governments of Australia meeting, a policy that bans unvaccinated children from attending schools and day cares. *slow claps* 

Obviously, there are implications on human rights that need to carefully be navigated and the arguments against a nanny state. Here’s the rub, this is a child we are talking about. They don’t understand that the needle is potentially saving them and their friends. They don’t understand the complicated medical science behind each injection and they don’t understand the threats in not being vaccinated. Their parents and guardians however do, and it never ceases to dumbfound me each time I hear the words “but it’s only a problem if they get Sick” come out of a parents mouth. It’s not a problem, at that stage it could be a death sentence. It’s not just about your kid, it’s about that child who has leukaemia and their immune system is compromised. It’s about the poor kid who can’t be vaccinated because they have an allergic reaction to the vaccine which is more life threatening. These are the kids we are protecting by being immunised. 

In two months, I’ll be celebrating my birthday, I’ll also be celebrating a close friend’s son’s first birthday. When he was born, I didn’t see him straightaway. Not because I didn’t want to, I was sick. I also about two months before he was born went to the local doctor and told them I wantedthe Pertussis vaccine as I couldn’t remember when my last one was. She gave it to me for free, during a nationwide shortage, because I was doing the best thing possible for my friend and her new baby. I’m lucky, one of my other friends is about to pop and I’ve already had the shot so it’s cuddles for me. She shared this image and I see it more and more as more of my friends have kids:

 I couldn’t agree with a movement more. Want to see my kid? Cool, show me your proof of vaccination. Don’t want to vaccinate? Cool, you don’t see my kid until you do or his/her immunity is strong enough to tolerate you and your germs. I do not care if my own mother cannot see my child, she will be vaccinated. She’s lucky, she’s a nurse so it’s kind of a job requirement, but my point stands. 

So what does this mean for the parents who Google whether vaccines are safe and effective? You’re not getting any of tax payer money, your kids are also not going to school, meaning criminal charges could also be laid against parents. This is a step closer to actually criminalising lack of vaccinations, which I absolutely applaud. 

Vaccines protect all children. Vaccines do not cause autism. Natural home remedies are no substitute for science. You do not possess a medical degree, therefore any objection you have is moot. 

I also have another point, if autism is worse than your child dying of a preventable disease, your children should be removed from your care. I would happily see that happen to. If parents are willing to go against centuries of medical research, medical advice and continue to put their child and others at risk, they don’t deserve to be parents at all. Harsh? Yes. I would rather seem harsh, then watch a baby struggle for oxygen and die in front of me. Remembering doctors, nurses and helpless parents have this happen and usually through no fault of their own. 

Vaccinations are free in most cases or heavily subsidised so there is no excuse and I’m struggling to come up with one myself. I understand if they lapse because you’re busy, but I have an answer. Download the Vaccidate app. You’ll never forget something as important as your child’s life again. 

Please vaccinate your children, it’s about them, not the money you’re not getting or the schooling they aren’t receiving. It’s about keeping them alive until they are 18 and someone else’s problem. 

As always I welcome debate on the topic as long as it’s constructive. 


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