24 hours Off the Grid…

So we had planned to go away this weekend, but the weather in Brisbane has been shit the last week or two. Constantly raining or threatening to. On Friday we decided that we would still head to the beach with friends and assess from there, if it was still too rubbish, at least we had gotten out of the house.

So at 530 on Saturday (one of our two days off) we were up and packing the car to head to Rainbow Beach. It’s about a three hour drive from Brisbane. We got as far as Noosa and decided to cut in and go across that way. So instead of ending up at actual Rainbow Beach, we would end up near Double Island Point. Here’s a map to better explain:

We camped in the Teewah zone. We stopped at Noosa North Shore at the pub to wait out the rain and have some lunch before making our final decision. Althoughit bucketed  down, after a while we saw blocks of blue sky and decided we would stay and boy were we glad we did.

It drizzled as we set up the camp, and on and off spat rain as through the evening, but eventually it cleared away and we could see the Milky Way, Jupiter and a whole bunch of other stars. We had a campfire and fell asleep listening to the waves crash. We talked shit, had a few beverages and just generally relaxed for the night. I also got to play with jellyfish that had washed up on the beach.

One thing we didn’t have, phone reception. So I actually got to spend quality time with my favourite human. With the rapid advances technology has made we often forget how to connect with people on a personal level. I’m guilty of it, and so is Matt. So it was nice to see that spark back in his eyes as we sat and chatted.

Unfortunately, because life never gets away from us, we were up early again today to pack up and come home. It was an absolute cracker of a day and I really didn’t want to. I think I’ve decided that when I retire I’m moving to somewhere I can go to the beach every day, even better if its on my door step.

So take a day or two and go off grid. I promise you’ll have an amazing time.


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