Go Fund Yourself!

Over the last few weeks I have seen a few stories pop up in my news feed. Stories of people asking others to fund their medical treatment or help them through college, or to build new technology or fund their album launch.

Opinion: There are somethings that should be crowd funded, and others you need to go ahead and take ownership of your own problems. 

I have never used Go Fund Me to raise money for anything and I won’t unless it fits the above. I have however supported a similar site because I knew the people fundraising and I knew what they were doing was genuinely helping them. 

The two most recent Go Fund Me stories I’ve seen involve Dan Single and this guy or in the interest of gender equality, this woman. This is a straight up, get in the bin moment. Let me explain why.

Dan Single:

Dan is co-founder of Ksubi jeans and reports range on how much he is worth but it’s easily tens of millions. He is asking people to donate to his $250k fund to recover costs from a 35m fall from a balcony. From what I understand he was partying and jumped. He broke every bone from his hips down and was in a coma for two weeks. Shitty situation I agree but dude you have no right to ask for that kind of money when it’s spare change to you. 

He’s ~$500 in because people are giving him $5 just to roast him for being a cabbage. 

Kendal James:

This one is a good one. The page has been shut down, but essentially Kendal was asking people to fund a trip to London and was after £500. Not that bad right? Wrong. She did it to fund a trip to London where she would then make money as a provider of sexual services. So she’s asking other people to fund her business trip. 

William Oliver:

Now this guy, whilst thrifty, is a knob jockey. This is my opinion and you’ll just have to deal with it. An engagement ring is a sign of a deep love and respect for your significant other, not a flashy neon sign showing your annual salary. It’s also not something you should be crowdfunding because your girlfriend is a superficial shit. She bought him 30 presents for his 30th birthday, which is cute, but doesn’t mean she has a right to a 20k ring. The below comment from his fund is absolutely on the money. 

“I hate people,” wrote Amanda Marie Hubbard. “Can no one do anything for themselves?!?! What kind of man begs for money to get his girl a ring, I would say no just for that!”

The girl got the ring, but his page is still up to recoup some of the cost. If this is the ring, imagine the wedding. 

Crowdfunding sites like Go Fund Me were set up so that people could donate money in a safe way to causes and as a way to combat charity fraud and huge administrative costs. The fund going directly to the source and not wasted on fees. But just like any project with innocent beginnings there are people who will enter with alterior motives in a way to con people out of their money. It’s not the case with every page, but it happens. 

In amongst all of these shitty people are the shining examples of what the site was originally intended for. Raising his money to support families torn apart by trauma. Kids who have lost their parents, and or families who have lost a parent and need a little support, like this family or this one

These people who want other people to fund their lifestyle or to fix their mistakes, you need to stop. The world shouldn’t be funding your fuck ups, or your holidays for that matter. Can’t afford to go, don’t. Cant afford to fix your screw up, live with it and learn from your mistakes. Can’t pay for college? Get a job and save for it. Your shitty choices are not my responsibility and I’m super over hearing this horseshit about how it’s just helping me out. Nah mate, you’re on crack. Get off your ass and earn your way. This is what’s wrong with the current generation. They expect the world to hand them things the previous generations worked for and it royally pisses me off. 

Go out and follow your dreams, just don’t expect others to fund it. 

Go Fund Yourself!



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