Mel B deserves peace…

Now I’m a child of the 90’s and was heavily into the spice girls, Mel B wasn’t my favourite but I’m disgusted about some of the things I’ve heard about her recent divorce. 

We’ve talked about this before, nude pictures and/or videos taken when in a relationship or dating or really at any point, belong to the person in the picture and are not for distribution without explicit permission. 

Now I haven’t been divorced, but any relationship breakdown is difficult without throwing a failed marriage and kids into the mix. So I feel for Mel, this must be incredibly hard for her. 

Then I heard that a judge had to order her now ex-husband not to distribute in any way the 15 boxes of explicit material that they shot or took during their marriage

Look at that again and answer this: What’s wrong with that statement?

Everything. A judge had to order him not to release any of it. That’s the first part, a grown man needs an official of the courts to tell him that he doesn’t have consent to distribute intimate images and video to the public. I would have thought that should be a given. However, in saying that, a stern talking to isn’t going to stop him. Even if he’s not afraid of jail time or severe financial penalties, he could recoup that just be distributing them. What the judge should have ordered was the immediate destruction of the content. That should at least prevent the material from being distributed and provide Mel with the peace of mind that she wouldn’t be exposed in a personal way. Or at least that it would be much more difficult. Before you have a go at me, I’m aware that Mel could also circulate the material. From what I understand the material wasn’t in her possession and she was more concerned about him distributing it, leading one to believe that she wouldn’t. But the same goes for her, the judge ordered they not be distributed. That simple. 

Unfortunately, recently news came to light that the boxes have now gone missing. 

So if Mel’s ex-husband has taken them, it shows that he not only has no respect for the law, but it’s also pretty clear that he plans to distribute them with the intent of destroying Mel’s career, brand and image. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs. If Mel stole them and is now lying to the court about their whereabouts, then that’s just as bad. 

So let’s just reiterate a point that has been made by so many people, if you have intimate images of another person, don’t be the jerk that shares them. You don’t have permission. You look like an asshole, not a hero. You can face jail time and/or heavy fines. When you distribute those images, your name is flashed about everywhere so good luck getting more as no one will trust you with them. You’re not just ruining the subject’s life, you’re ruining your own. So just don’t fucking do it. 


Keep kicking ass Mel B!


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