A Day in the life of Stacked Adventures…

I’ve seen heaps of posts about a day in the life of various students from various institutions around the world and I thought, why not join the herd. So here is my day in the life post.


0530-0600: wake up, shower get dressed and get to public transport.

0600-0700: usually on public transport, usually doing my contracting role so posting on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Now that’s over, I’ll be able to write more blogs and stuff. Otherwise I’m sorting through the hundreds of Campus Society notifications. This usually takes the whole bus trip.

0700: arrive at work after stopping for breakfast.

0700-0800: generally it’s peaceful at work and depending on what day it is, I’ll be checking emails as well as completing data imports into our database.

0800-1230: general data cleansing activities, meetings, spreadsheets, phone calls, training, more phone calls, more meetings and so many more spreadsheets.

1230-1330: generally lunch happens in here somewhere.

1330-1600: much the same as before lunch. Sometimes I sneak some website updates, some uni stuff, and some Campus Society up in there. Most of the time though, it’s all about my biggest project at the moment which is data cleansing and making sure our database is in tip top shape, ready for our next funding campaign.

1600-1730: more public transport. Usually again I’ll spend this doing blogs, catching up on Campus Society, or working.

1730-1830: usually just a quick chill out and wind down with Matt. Talk about the horseshit that went on with our days.

1830-2000: prepare, cook and eat dinner

2000-bedtime: more contracting work, sometimes Uni stuff, more Campus Society and some blog work.

Bedtime can be anywhere between 2130 and midnight depending on how we are.

Weekends re much the same. Blogs, work, Uni, reading for uni, entertaining Matt because he’s bored, gardening and chilling out in front of Netflix.

So there you have it. A day in the life of Stacey.



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