My week with the terrible twosome…

So I’ve been busy. I’ve recently moved and due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up house and dog sitting for Matt’s parents. I don’t think I’ve seen two more energetic or enthusiastic dogs with more energy than Jet and Lexi.


Jet is 5 this year, he ares my birthday which is kind of cute. He has a facial expression for every occasion and is very much a ladies man.




Lexi turned 2 a few weeks ago and not only is she still very much a puppy, she still has a lot of loose skin to grow into. She’s already bigger than Jet and It was her first time home without her regular humans.


The first time I met these gorgeous dogs was a few months ago, their first reaction was to literally knock me over and attack me with kisses. This time was no different. The two go nowhere slowly. They have to run everywhere and I think that’s more Lexi than Jet.

Poor Jet used to come to very sudden stops when he was younger and so his back and back legs tend to hurt, Lexi somehow knows this and uses it to win rumbles. By far the cutest thing is when they play tug of war with one of Jet’s toys. Lexi has this strategy of clamping on just shy of where Jet has the toy in his mouth and forces him to let go. This pair are absolutely fascinating to watch.

If you sneeze around Lexi, she will immediately up and at your feet or on your lap as I discovered, just to check you’re ok. If you’re lying on the couch, either one, or both, will slide up your legs and sit with their head on your lap as if it’s a normal thing to do. When both of them want to be on your lap, Jet will get really jealous and barge Lexi out of the way. Same with pats and cuddles. You can’t give them to Lexi without also giving them to Jet.

I also learnt the hard way not to say “bird”. This sends Lexi into a flap and will often have her sitting on you or using you as a springboard over the back of the couch and out the door.

These dogs are hilarious in just about every way. Jet cuddles like a little bear cub and snores like a freight trains older brother. Lexi is just mountains of energy wrapped in a fluffy ball of fur.  The guilt trips when we left for work ensured that, that wasn’t my job because after one day I was ready to take them to work with me.

I was always concerned that they would run down the stairs too fast and go flying off the landing. We let them sleep with us the first night because they were being sooky. Never let a staffy sleep in bed with you, let alone two. Not only do the sleep horizontally, they have to be on or touching you and when it gets cold, will wake you up to get under the doona. Safe to say neither of us slept well that night, Jet did though. We could hear him all night snoring away.

I think the highlight for me was watching Lexi tease Jet with his own toy. She picked it up and would wait till he grabbed the other end and walk out the doggy door. He would let it go and so she would just pop her head in with it and wait for him to grab it and start walking backwards. It meant poor Jet couldn’t actually get the toy because he couldn’t get out the door. I think it was Lexi’s way of enticing him outside.

I loved my week with the twosome of terror, I’m glad we are now in our peaceful home but I do miss them and their cuddles. Might have to try and go over for dinner soon to get more cuddles.

Here are the pics, as reward for reading through the post, because let’s face it, that’s why we are all here.

Enjoy x


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