Update: I found myself volunteering…

So, I know I haven’t been around for a while and there are so many different reasons, most of which can be summed up in the below: I had nothing nice to say, and so said nothing at all. I’ve been super busy doing lots of different things too. So, last time, I had just... Continue Reading →


BMI – Biggest Load of Rubbish…

My work has recently launched its "wellbeing" program. Basically it's corporate social responsibility and is seen in corporate environments where people tend to develop unhealthy habits. It's probably a tax thing too but I never really looked that much into it. As part of the program, we have an online portal to track fitness and... Continue Reading →

My week with the terrible twosome…

So I've been busy. I've recently moved and due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up house and dog sitting for Matt's parents. I don't think I've seen two more energetic or enthusiastic dogs with more energy than Jet and Lexi. Jet:  Jet is 5 this year, he ares my birthday which is kind of cute.... Continue Reading →

Review: The Fate of the Furious

I went and saw the las test instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise last night. Here's my take on the movie. *Spoiler Alert*   If you haven't seen the movies, please stop reading unless you're comfortable with spoilers. For me, the Fast and Furious franchise died with Paul Walker. He was my favourite, he... Continue Reading →

Mel B deserves peace…

Now I'm a child of the 90's and was heavily into the spice girls, Mel B wasn't my favourite but I'm disgusted about some of the things I've heard about her recent divorce.  We've talked about this before, nude pictures and/or videos taken when in a relationship or dating or really at any point, belong... Continue Reading →

Real Horseshit…

I googled two things today, to write this article: Real Men Real Women I was confronted with a number of images of memes about real men do this and real men do that and I had images of half naked women of all sizes shoved in my face.  Both are horseshit. Let me tell you... Continue Reading →

Go Fund Yourself!

Over the last few weeks I have seen a few stories pop up in my news feed. Stories of people asking others to fund their medical treatment or help them through college, or to build new technology or fund their album launch. Opinion: There are somethings that should be crowd funded, and others you need... Continue Reading →

Dear Mum…

Dear mum, You raised me on your own for 18 years. You worked to put food on the table, even if it meant that food wasn't enough for you. You studied hard to get a job you've always wanted and to provide a better future. You worked two jobs to put me through school. You... Continue Reading →

Review: Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Hailed as Mel Gibson's comeback film, Hacksaw Ridge brings cinematic life to the story of Medal of Honor recipient Mr Desmond T Doss. Did it stack up to the hype? *SPOILERS AHEAD* Firstly, who ever cast Andrew Garfield is a genius. He was a perfect fit for the role in both looks and ability. He... Continue Reading →

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